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Calibre RealTime Custom DRC places signoff verification into the custom IC designer's hands

Custom design tools incorporate built-in DRC tools to assist layout engineers, but none of these in-tool DRC checkers covers the full spectrum of signoff DRC, or is qualified by the foundries for signoff. The Calibre nmPlatform rule decks are used by leading foundries as their “signoff reference” for tapeout, meaning they are the criterion that determines the accuracy of any optimization done during layout. The Calibre Real Time Custom tool runs within custom IC design environments and uses foundry-qualified Calibre DRC decks to provide immediate in-design signoff-quality DRC.

Perform signoff design rule checking while editing custom IC designs

With Calibre RealTime Custom in-design DRC, there is no question or concern about correlation between the real-time results and signoff DRC. Now, no matter how many drawn layers a design contains, or how many checks there are per layer, or even how complex those checks are, custom IC design groups working at the most advanced nodes can get to DRC-clean quickly and with Calibre confidence. By providing the same automated check capabilities available to digital design verification, the Calibre RealTime Custom tool makes it easier for custom IC designers to produce high-quality designs while still meeting production requirements and schedules.