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White Paper

Integrating PCB production and box-build for improved efficiency

Many products integrate mechanical and electronic parts, but the manufacturing of those parts is often the opposite of integrated. Typically, one company or location designs the product, another produces the PCB, and another completes the box-build assembly of the final product. Each has its own data and processes that are siloed and disconnected–resulting in inefficiencies that can seriously impact time to market as well as costs and quality.

In today’s market, with high demand for electronic products and increasing pressures around supply chain disruptions, sustainability, globalization, and fast-paced innovation, manufacturers have much to gain from integrating box-build with electromechanical assembly.

Create a smart, agile electromechanical assembly manufacturing process that is holistic and connected end-to-end

Managing PCB production and box-build assembly as a holistic, end-to-end process is a powerful way for manufacturers to boost efficiency and reduce time-to-market. But creating a smart, agile manufacturing process that is holistic and connected end to end is far from simple. If all steps from SMT assembly to electromechanical assembly and final box-build are owned by one company, connecting them can be challenging. But when each step is owned by a separate company (as is often the case), the challenges are compounded by IP and security issues.

Digitalization is key to achieving an end-to-end process spanning design, automation and human operations. A fully digitalized business model has the power and flexibility to accelerate processes and optimize production operations. A consistent digital thread, joint data storage and an integrated data management system enables a unified data backbone, providing manufacturers with a comprehensive collaboration platform for the entire value chain.

Discover how manufacturers are optimizing every step of the product and production lifecycle, from planning to box-build

Siemens has extensive experience in helping companies build a holistic manufacturing environment that has the agility needed to respond to dynamic market needs. Its holistic approach transforms a siloed landscape into a unified, integrated product and production lifecycle—from idea to shelf.

PCB and box-build electronics manufacturers are using Siemen’s Opcenter Execution Electronics to optimize manufacturing efficiencies and quality. With the insight it provides into raw materials, equipment and personnel, and into process and product characteristics for each production run, manufacturers are able to standardize production processes and ensure coordinated PCB and box-build assembly and manufacturing workflows.

Read this white paper to learn more about holistic, end-to-end PCB manufacturing and electromechanical assembly, and how one company integrated this approach as part of a broad digitalization and automation initiative.