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White Paper

Bosch Visiontec rapidly brings new automotive IP to market using the Catapult HLS Platform


Bosch Visiontec's design and verification flow
The BOSCH® Visiontec team innovates assisted and autonomous driving technology. This team develops state-of-the-art IPs and ICs containing high-performance processors that implement algorithms to recognize images from cameras in automobiles. They were tasked to create several brand-new designs that implemented mathematically-intense algorithms in less than a year. The specifications of these designs were dynamic and changed throughout the design cycle. There was no way that the team could manually code RTL and verify these designs in this ever-changing environment. So, they decided to move up to the C++ level and employ the Catapult® High-Level Synthesis (HLS) Platform and PowerPro® solutions. This paper presents how BOSCH Visiontec design team successfully met the challenges of creating their new designs, well within schedule.