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BOM management and PLM software for shipbuilding

Thousands, if not millions, of parts go into building a ship. Given their long life spans, ships typically travel different routes and fulfill different functions. They need to adapt to both environmental and functional changes.

In today’s competitive market, shipbuilders need to lower operational expenses to maintain profitability, while also offering low costs of ownership. They need to effectively offer value throughout the entire ship lifecycle. To do so, they need bill of materials (BOM) management supported by a product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution. Download the white paper now to learn more.

BOM management software for shipbuilding

The high level of nuance in ship design and manufacturing makes effective BOM management essential. BOM management software that connects design to manufacturing and integrates into a shipyard’s PLM solution can ensure a project stays on track.

How BOM management can assist with ship repair

Maintenance can account for up to 60-70 percent of the total lifecycle cost of a ship. BOM management can help with ship repair by tracking the lifecycle of parts and assets. Liability issues can be solved faster and easier, and profitability improves when spare parts are better managed. While ship maintenance and repair tasks are typically done by dedicated yards, shipyards could increase revenue by offering these services. An effective BOM management solution makes this possible.

Create easy-to-follow change management processes

BOM management is critical for the success of a shipbuilding project, but it’s just one of the benefits of a PLM solution. A comprehensive digital ship lifecycle solution not only can help with BOM management, but also assist with change management processes and configuration management.

Download the white paper to learn more about BOM management as part of a ship lifecycle solution.