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Benefits of configuration management for industrial machinery manufacturers

Transform your manufacturing processes with configuration management tools

Reading time: 25 minutes

Keeping track of all the information associated with today’s industrial machinery is a big challenge.

That’s because machines are composed of mechanical, electrical, and software components, customer requirements fluctuate, and machine parts evolve and improve.

Configuration management tools help machine builders create more efficient, productive machines without raising development costs.

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Optimize machinery with configuration management tools

Machine builders need a good configuration management tool to keep track of all the requirements, designs, and components that make up an industrial machine.

Configuration management tools can help machine builders:

  • Maintain regulatory compliance

  • Improve machine safety

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Become more cost-efficient

  • Diminish change disruptions

A machine builder’s success is dependent on correctly managing all the parts and every piece of information, then configuring it in such a way that delivers smart, connected machines to customers more quickly than the competition.

Holistically manage machine configurations and product lifecycles

To thrive in such a dynamic environment, Advanced Machine Engineering tools connecting domains and empowering collaboration are crucial.

With these tools, you gain:

  • An efficient configuration management system

  • Connected multi-disciplinary design that produces the most comprehensive digital twin

  • Virtual commissioning features that simulate, test and tweak every detail of your machine

With a single solution, machine builders can drive greater efficiency and flexibility into their processes to build tomorrow’s machines today.

Advanced machine engineering supports configuration management

Learn more about how to use and incorporate these tools into your enterprise-level strategies by downloading the latest whitepaper from CIMData.