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Scale and stabilize production of batteries by using closed-loop quality management

Battery manufacturing is a rapidly growing and complex industry, with demanding quality, cost, and delivery requirements. To succeed in this competitive market, battery manufacturers must adopt closed-loop quality management. CLQM integrates quality into every stage of the battery lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to use and disposal. This digital manufacturing approach creates a closed-loop digital thread that helps battery manufacturers efficiently scale and stabilize production.

Digitalization is key to high-volume battery production

Battery manufacturers face a daunting challenge: meeting the rapidly growing demand for high-volume battery production while maintaining quality and compliance. Digitalization is the key to overcoming this challenge. By integrating digital systems across the entire manufacturing process, battery manufacturers can achieve manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing readiness, and manufacturing excellence.

Smart manufacturing enables closed-loop quality

Smart manufacturing enables battery manufacturers to address unique quality challenges by streamlining end-to-end quality efforts with a closed-loop QMS. A closed-loop QMS leverages a common PLM infrastructure to enable concurrent engineering across product design, manufacturing planning and quality management domains. This helps to synchronize product development, quality planning and continual improvement processes, as well as all PLM change management and configuration management capabilities.