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White Paper

AVAS for electric vehicles – a guideline to designing exterior sound and assessing its performance

Reading time: 20 minutes

As the sound of AVAS for electric vehicle will define and shape the sound landscape of urban areas, manufacturers use active sound design methodology to create the right brand sound. Read this white paper on how to design the right AVAS exterior sound for electric vehicles, and assess its performance.

Adding sound at low vehicle speed improves the detectability of the vehicle and hence the safety for those in the vicinity. But how loud should it be, and more importantly, what would people like to hear?

This paper offers a solution to integrate simulation, testing and services, to design the right exterior sound for acoustic vehicle alerting systems. In addition, sounds, loudspeaker systems, their positions, and controls are evaluated. It offers the right answers on how to consolidate the AVAS for electric vehicles into the vehicle and properly evaluate alternatives.

Discover how to:

  • Design creative AVAS sounds and validate these against customer expectations
  • Test and optimize AVAS sound models with real-time interaction to the vehicle CAN bus
  • Optimize the location of the AVAS speaker systems and its geometrical, acoustical and control aspects
  • Test and validate compliance to UNECE R138 and FMVSS 141 regulations