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Abstracting Away Design Complexity in Autonomy

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is the methodology that accommodates the seismic shift of product development to software as the primary source of automotive innovation, and integrates control systems and electrical systems with hardware development processes.

Most automotive engineering organizations have not yet fully adopted MBSE; they operate with hybrid approaches in which document-based engineering and model-based engineering coexist.

The Siemens digitalization approach to MBSE brings together the much needed multi-domain product development – mechanical, electrical, electronic, controls and software – along with attribute optimization considerations across cost, quality, reliability, manufacturability and more. We enable a robust digital thread connecting the engineering data capturing intent, behavior and scope of systems across the engineering and organizational domains and providing traceability from product definition to design and through production to how the vehicles perform in the field.

Read more in this whitepaper by Piyush Karkare, Director of Global Automotive Industry Solutions at Siemens PLM Software.