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white paper

From Chip to City: Exploring AI’s influence on the future of autonomous mobility

Automotive, technology, and 5G telecommunications companies are teaming together with cities to define the next generation of autonomous mobility. The interactions between these complex environments will challenge and inspire engineering innovation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a critical thread that ties these communities together to create new smart solutions efficiently, connected, and that can sense, automate and predict in ways that were hard to imagine only a decade ago. This is where today meets tomorrow for autonomous vehicles.

This paper covers an enticing sample of how some of the tools within the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of software uses AI to optimize designs and create AI-based systems for complex products.

In this white paper about AI’s influence on Autonomous Mobility you will learn about:

  • The Siemens vision of the autonomous mobility digital enterprise, consisting of a holistic data infrastructure
  • The comprehensive digital twin, a virtual representation of a multi-domain physical product or process that is used to understand and predict the physical counterpart’s performance characteristics
  • Multi-physics simulation, data analytics and AI capabilities, enabling to demonstrate the impact of design changes, usage scenarios, environmental conditions and numerous other variables