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white paper

Automotive Ethernet Communication Design

Reading time: 18 minutes
Due to changing consumer requirements and industry regulations, automotive network design is increasingly complex. To keep costs down while ensuring safety, performance, and an exceptional driving experience, automotive manufacturers benefit from the ability to test and verify communication systems early in the design process.

This white paper explores the challenges of designing network communications systems that leverage an Ethernet and how Siemens software solutions help by enabling systems-driven design to deliver consistency across the automotive system.

Enable systems-driven design consistency across the automotive system

Siemens Capital optimizes communication design by providing an instant view of design efficiency with a single, automated tool that makes it easy to collaborate effectively throughout the design lifecycle. It can be used for all modern protocols, supporting service-oriented architectures (SOAs), and signaling in a hybrid solution. And it enables early design verification, including timing analysis for the various protocols, to ensure on-time delivery.

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