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A digital thread for autonomous vehicle after-sales service and maintenance

Growing vehicle complexity due to the rise of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies is creating new challenges for technical authoring and after-sales service departments. Traditional manual technical authoring and troubleshooting processes will not suffice in the face of this growing complexity. Modern wire harness engineering solutions provide a solution. A robust digital thread pushes critical data to the technical authors who can generate documentation with advanced automated layouts. Then, automated troubleshooting processes can help technicians diagnose and resolve issues quickly and accurately.

Modern after-sales service documentation reduces burdens

In this paper we will examine why today’s methods for technical after sales departments is not working:

  • Disconnected and manual processes of authoring technical documentation take too much time and are error-prone
  • Increased obligations to ensure safe maintenance and repair of today’s modern vehicles

We will also show how advanced digital thread and automation capabilities available in modern electrical systems and wire harness engineering solutions can provide dramatic time savings for the technical authoring processes.