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Accelerate aircraft design, development and certification process with model-based systems engineering (MBSE)

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Systems engineering has been used by aerospace and defense companies for decades. However, the increased complexity of the products has caused exponential growth in the number of requirements and interfaces that must be managed. The document centric processes currently in use do not scale to the growth in requirements, causing companies to seek model-based systems engineering processes.

Become a true digital enterprise with model-based systems engineering

Model-based systems engineering is at the core of creating a digital enterprise that brings together software design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, multi-domain modeling and simulation.

Digital certification management for aerospace through model-based systems engineering

Accelerate the design, development and certification process using multi-domain optimization, eliminating integration issues and "flying before you build" with virtual testing to get the product design right the first time. MBSE provides the tools to more efficiently manage and validate airworthiness certification. The digital thread makes it easier to determine who made the affected parts and if they were designed, analyzed and/or tested correctly.