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white paper

Aerospace engineering teams efficient design and development tools for electrical systems

Reading time: 3 minutes
This white paper will explore how electronic and electrical (E/E) design demands of the 21st century present a tremendous challenge to the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry. Profitability in all phases of E/E platform development and integration is a key concern. Along with staying profitable and addressing complexity, there is needed to constantly innovate.

Traditional manual technical authoring and troubleshooting processes will not suffice in the face of this growing complexity. As systems become more sophisticated, technical authors are spending more and more time investigating and gathering the foundational information they will need to produce high quality documentation. Service technicians are also attempting to decode these complex systems with static 2D diagrams and paper manuals.

Modern wire harness engineering software tools provide a solution

A robust digital thread pushes critical data to the technical authors, saving significant time during the creation of documentation. Technical authors can then generate documentation with advanced automated layouts, adjusting styling and figures as needed. The smart documentation enables automated troubleshooting processes that help technicians diagnose and resolve issues quickly and accurately reducing aircraft downtime.

Technical documentation and the service and maintenance of products will only become more critical as electrically sophisticated platforms become more common. With advanced electrical systems engineering solutions, aerospace companies can equip technical authors and service technicians with the tools they need to overcome the challenges of maintaining such complex equipment. This will ensure that products continue to operate safely and efficiently as they move people and goods throughout the world.