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Verification management for aerospace and defense

This executive brief presents the verification management digital thread. It demonstrates the value of integrated verification and certification for accelerating product delivery in the aerospace and defense industry. Read the brief to learn how you can certify products on schedule and within budget, eliminating the silos in your verification and certification activities.

Aircraft certification

Building a digital verification and certification digital twin facilitates a comprehensive approach to aircraft certification. Verification management that is integrated with the entirety of your general product execution efforts can help you eliminate barriers standing in the way of innovation.

The verification management digital thread transforms aircraft certification with complete traceability and stronger relationships with certification authorities. This digital transformation is necessary to remain competitive in a complex industry and overcome obstacles such as:

  • Rising regulatory hurdles and mixed documentation practices

  • Silos in the verification and certification activities causing rework and inefficiencies

  • Inhibited traceability and hindered cooperation

Verification and certification digital twin

Design, testing, and certification are often completed by different teams within an organization, and the deliverables for each are significantly different. The verification management digital thread integrates these processes with digital twin technology. With a verification and certification digital twin, you have the power to deliver new products that meet – and exceed – customer expectations for performance, safety, and reliability.

Verification management solution

Our verification management solution ensures complete traceability between all individual verification plans, articles, fixtures, instrumentation, test, and simulation results. From OEM to supplier to startup, you can scale and achieve faster time to certification by providing a single, integrated environment. This ensures all product verification events are driven by requirements and are executed in the correct sequence.

Please read the executive brief for details.