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Ten ways to win with MBSE

An MBSE approach can help you navigate a successful alternative to the path of ballooning development cycle times and skyrocketing costs in aerospace and defense engineering. Learn how you can deliver more innovation – faster and at lower cost – with this transformational mindset. Download your copy of Ten Ways to Win with MBSE.

Transform aerospace engineering with MBSE

It’s not just a matter of adopting a new software. MBSE is not an app. It’s a transformational mindset that must spread throughout an entire organization. You won’t win if you don’t transform.

Transform aircraft design with MBSE

Connect the virtual and physical worlds to predict, address and even prevent integration issues. MBSE provides you with the ability to transform your design process. Learn how you can improve program execution, accelerate new product development and become more agile. With MBSE as a full lifecycle solution, you can get your design right the first time through up-front systems engineering, manage complex product and supply chain integration and deliver safe, reliable and compliant products faster and within budget.

Benefits of MBSE

Adopting the MBSE approach requires bringing on the right product lifecycle management system that builds the digital thread and a wide array of integrated tools for modeling, product architecture, change management and more. The benefits of MBSE are possible through four core process areas:

  • Product definition

  • Quality engineering

  • Digital verification and certification

  • Requirement tracking and architecture implementation

Read the PDF to learn how your organization can win by adopting MBSE and important things to remember as you move forward in your digital journey.