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white paper

Aircraft electrical systems

Read this white paper to explore a model-based paradigm for product development. Learn how to maintain digital continuity through the engineering lifecycle with a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to model-based electrical/electronic (MBEE) approach to electrical systems integration. Download the PDF to learn more.

Aircraft electrical systems integration

A model-based engineering approach to aircraft electrical systems integration can help you to orchestrate and manage the technical content scope of a program more effectively throughout the entire product lifecycle. Learn how this enables collaboration with suppliers, partners and your own workforce to eliminate integration issues between complex systems and increase traceability from the concept phase to the final product.

Aircraft electrical systems development

See how platform architecture drives connected engineering in aircraft electrical systems development and how this enables faster and better decisions about new products by incorporating system models into a comprehensive digital twin. This unified approach removes risk and improves quality by optimizing and verifying the product architecture across all engineering and enterprise processes in a single source of truth.

MBSE for electrical systems integration

This white paper describes the MBSE to MBEE process that enables the best of both worlds in an integrated flow. Learn how you can achieve key model-based engineering goals in the following areas:

  • Compliance – Traceability from requirements through to implementation

  • Cost – Optimization of the architecture drives down complexity and parts cost

  • Safety – Validate functional safety through DAL/ASIL rating against safety goals

  • Efficiency – Generative design improves design cycle time and accuracy

  • PLE – Re-use of assets across platforms, tied into configuration management

  • Silos – Impact analysis of change across all E/E domains