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White Paper

Aircraft certification


Learn to manage the complexity of your aerospace and defense certification processes with digital solutions for verification management and integrated program management. This white paper from CIMdata, Siemens Approach to Improving the AD Certification Process, explores how our approach can help you to save time, foster innovation and control costs.

Aircraft certification process

Certification is on the critical path to delivery for aircraft and related products. Ensuring flight and human safety is paramount, so A&D products must be certified three times over – for type, production and airworthiness.

A cost increase for verification is driven by growing complexity, especially with the addition of more electronics and software.

Manual and legacy test and verification processes cannot scale to meet the complexity of modern and future products. As a result, digital transformation is required to not only keep costs under control but also to ensure products are properly and completely verified and certified.

Integrated program management

Integrated program and project management does much more than just keep track of the schedule. Connecting the program with the product data and processes improves visibility and reduces mistakes. By connecting deliverables with project tasks, a holistic view of the data is captured in a context that is much easier for non-engineering staff to consume.

The best program and project management environments are fully integrated, which enables secure data exchange and collaboration across the supply chain and with regulatory bodies. This helps reduce confusion and mistakes, shortening timelines and ultimately reducing costs while improving quality.

Read the white paper to learn more.

Siemens digital solutions

Our support of verification management and integrated program management is helping to transform the A&D industry. Our digital thread approach supports requirements, design, analysis, physical testing and reporting. It is focused on achieving product compliance in less time.

Our digital solutions support data sharing and communication across the supply chain and regulatory authorities for both initial and continuous airworthiness certifications through the lifecycle of aircraft and related products. With our Xcelerator portfolio, you are enabled to collaborate to manage execution across the entire enterprise and with regulatory bodies through all facets of the A&D certification process:

  • Define certification plan

  • Design, build and qualify

  • Execute on tests/analyses

  • Compliance demonstration

  • Plan for continued airworthiness