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IoT in aerospace and defense

Reading time: 10 minutes

To enhance operational efficiency, aerospace and defense manufacturers should leverage four pillars of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Download the white paper, Four pillars of the industrial IoT: Enabling manufacturers to significantly enhance operational efficiency, to learn more.

Four pillars of IoT

The four pillars of industrial IoT – connectivity, control, digitalization and augmentation – give companies a competitive edge by enabling them to use IoT data to cut costs, improve performance and increase productivity. By using real-time data, aerospace manufacturers can prevent and predict maintenance problems and optimize systems.

The industrial IoT allows companies to take control of their factories as never before. By connecting devices and systems, manufacturers can learn more about their machines and how to manipulate them to work smarter – cutting costs and reducing errors.

Improve operational efficiency in aircraft manufacturing

Plugging into the industrial IoT brings aerospace and defense manufacturers a network of new ways to cut costs, improve performance and increase productivity. Although a digital transformation may seem overwhelming, the transition can be achieved in just four phases – the four pillars of industrial IoT.

  1. Connectivity – connecting and monitoring assets
  2. Control and transparency – optimizing maintenance predictability
  3. Digitalization – closing the loop with digital twins
  4. Augmentation – extending outcomes

The final step in the digital transformation is using data gathered from the IoT to inform machine operation with-out human interference. AI makes sense of the data collected from the IoT by using machine learning to predict outcomes and react accordingly.

Digital disruption to aerospace manufacturers

As industry heads full speed into digitalization, aerospace and defense manufacturers need to be prepared for disruption. Sticking with the traditional ways of operating while competitors move into Industry 4.0 will leave manufacturers behind in the race for better operational efficiency.

Don’t lose your competitive advantage. Download this whitepaper to learn about the four pillars of the industrial IoT and how to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations.