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Advanced symmetry checking in IC layout design and verification

Symmetry checking, just like other aspects of the design and layout verification flow, has become more demanding as process technology has advanced and designs have become more complex. Designers must now address advanced symmetry concerns from placement issues in floorplanning to context-aware symmetry requirements in layout verification through multi-patterning and fill impacts for fabrication. In addition, technological advances mean both the design complexity and process requirements require new types of symmetry that are no longer limited to just simple geometrical aspects of the drawn layout.

Advanced symmetry checking across IC design and layout verification flows

New design and layout verification techniques redefine symmetry and extend its use model to cover the complete design cycle from the floorplanning stage to fabrication and packaging. These innovative advanced symmetry checking techniques implemented in existing EDA tools and flows enable design teams to quickly and accurately find and correct all types of symmetry issues before they can impact tapeout schedules, product quality, or yield.