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White Paper

The road to advanced manufacturing in the medical device industry


When it comes to medical devices, there is no one-size-fits-all solution strategy for advanced manufacturing. Advanced manufacturing is not a specific destination. Instead, it is a journey of incorporating tools and concepts that promote manufacturing maturity to provide process efficiency and flexibility.

Advanced manufacturing can include a plethora of technical solutions, such as:

  • Robotics
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Smart manufacturing process
  • Generative design

The common denominator across the advanced manufacturing landscape is the digital connectivity and the real-time collection and use of data that is instrumental to a company’s specific journey. To adopt advanced manufacturing technologies, companies cannot be quality or manufacturing-specific. Advanced manufacturing requires seamless integration with other departments in the organization.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about how to establish a foundation for advanced manufacturing across the product lifecycle.

Advanced manufacturing enabling technology

Digital transformation is critical to the current and future success of advanced manufacturing in the industry, and it starts with the digital twin. The digital twin is a digital model of assets utilized for design, production and performance. This paper focuses on three digital twins: the product digital twin, the production digital twin and the performance digital twin and how they enable other advanced manufacturing technologies. These digital twins integrate into one comprehensive digital twin.

From product design to production planning to performance monitoring, each digital twin builds on and provides feedback to the others. The digital twin reduces time and cost of developing and manufacturing products with more robust design and less production cost.

Learn more about the existing technologies that are crucial for implementing advanced manufacturing.

Digital threads for advanced manufacturing

The road to advanced manufacturing requires companies to use the right technologies and optimize the flow of information across digital threads. A digital thread is an interconnected flow of data across multiple solutions and product lifecycle phases that create seamless end-to-end processes. Digital threads enable a just-in-time methodology for the digital world and removes inaccuracies and disconnected systems and data.

This paper discusses seven different digital threads:

  • Design Control
  • Design Excellence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Connected Care
  • Post-market Surveillance
  • Closed-loop Quality

Learn more about how digital threads facilitate communication and collaboration while providing consistent traceability in the medical device industry.