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White Paper

Enhance Industrial Machine Design Using PLM

Reading time: 45 minutes

This report provides insight into the value of Siemens Digital Industries Software Advanced Machine Engineering solution and how this solution can be leveraged to enable machine builders to incorporate customization into the industrial machine design process at a minimal cost.

Learn how to address strategic challenges and processes in advanced machine engineering

  • The bid process
  • The order-to-delivery process
  • The installation and commissioning process
  • The in-service support process
  • The new product development and industrial machine design process
  • Helping machinery manufacturers realize innovation

The topic of engineering automation for industrial machine design is important for:

This document is for management teams of machinery and industrial product companies and is designed to help assess the potential business impact of product lifecycle management technology on their enterprise. It covers the business environment, and discusses the contribution of PLM in the five business processes in engineering automation that are central to adding customer value for machinery and industrial product companies.

For machinery manufacturers, efficiently creating, communicating, and managing product-related information is key to finding and implementing initiatives to deliver responsiveness, efficiency, and new business.

Key benefits: How machine simulation helps achieve speed, quality, and low cost

Machinery manufacturers want to be able to develop more complex, or smarter machines. Doing so helps keep the company being successful and establishes it as a leader for the future. Virtual machine simulation enables engineers to verify the design at the first stages of development parallel to the design process by simulating the complete machine operation in all scenarios by closing the loop between PLC code, HMI interaction, and the physical machine reactions.

Rethink your industrial machine design process :

By rethinking your industrial machine design process, you can create a digital twin of the entire machine that can contain mechanical, electrical, software, and automation information. With the insights and data from a comprehensive digital twin, companies can very accurately simulate the performance of their machines allowing them to build more flexible and connected machines to handle a wider range of products, enabling quick responses as consumer preferences change.