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Accelerate product development with next generation design

New mobility technologies, software, and electronics are becoming today's vehicle differentiators, causing vehicle platforms to grow in complexity. Automotive manufacturers must adapt to a rapidly changing industry with more stringent regulatory, sustainability, and homologation requirements related to climate change and increasing customer expectations to deliver better products faster.

Read this white paper to discover how a digital transformation can help automakers by enabling next-generation design to accelerate product development and stay ahead of the competition.

Accelerate innovation to unleash the next generation of vehicles

A next-generation design approach allows automakers to implement a highly efficient product development process that speeds up R&D and enables new products to reach showroom floors earlier. Rapidly meet requirements by synchronizing up-to-date information and data throughout the product development ecosystem. At the same time, virtual validation methodologies can help solve design mistakes early on, ensuring higher quality, fewer recalls, and reducing unnecessary failure and cost.

Manage automotive design complexity with Accelerated Product Development

Our Accelerated Product Development solution enables better coordination of workflows and improves collaboration across disciplines. Automatically verify design proposals, virtually replacing the traditional design-build-test-break-redesign iteration process. This gives automotive manufacturers and suppliers greater scope to explore more complex design optimization without incurring associated costs.

Effectively speed up the product development process through digitalization

Traditional approaches to automotive manufacturing are no longer suitable. As complexity grows, failure to adopt new processes and accelerate innovation could lead to detrimental outcomes. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers must embrace product complexity or risk falling behind the competition.

Learn about how our Accelerated Product Development solution can help— Download the white paper now!