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A comprehensive solution facilitates design data communication for complete supplier visibility

Any supplier error can have an impact on the development or quality of a product. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) require complete transparency into all aspects of product development, including their supply chain.

The supplier collaboration solution from OEM Teamcenter includes a portal and an environment that promotes OEM-supplier dialogue and openness. This cost-effective solution will help accelerate supplier data-sharing while maintaining any assimilated knowledge in an OEM's Teamcenter database.

A straightforward design data exchange process with benefits

Teamcenter is a nearly effortless solution that streamlines the exchange of design data between OEMs and suppliers. Aside from the ease of implementation, some of the benefits include:

  • Decreased costs

  • Shortened sourcing cycle times

  • Streamlined sourcing with product development process integration

  • Reduced administrative overhead responsibilities

Read the white paper to learn more about how Teamcenter facilitates a better OEM and supplier relationship for improved visibility.