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3D Product Design with Additive Manufacturing for Consumer Products

From design to print to post-print validation, additive manufacturing is changing the way products are designed and manufactured. Our products enable you to industrialize additive manufacturing, allowing you to not only prototype but also mass-produce ground-breaking products using this exciting new technology. Learn how the technology works for each step of the additive manufacturing end-to-end workflow for consumer products.

Leverage additive manufacturing and lattice structures for design flexibility and easier customization

New lattice structure design and light-weighting technologies are the next big thing in Additive Manufacturing, allowing for greater design flexibility and easier customization. Understanding how these can affect your printing process can provide you with a significant competitive advantage in terms of getting products to market as quickly as possible by increasing collaboration and decreasing file transfer errors.

Predict product failure by analysing and modeling material performance

Discover how you can accelerate the product development lifecycle by predicting how, when, and why advanced materials fail at the microstructural level.

Validate product design with structural, thermal, and sustainable simulations

Part validation is essential for producing high-quality, repeatable additive manufacturing output. You can validate the product design using integrated simulation. Understanding how a component or product assembly responds to stress or vibration is critical, and as products and materials become more complex, engineers will need tools that extend beyond linear statics analysis.