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2.5D/3D IC latch-up prevention: an automated verification strategy

2.5D/3D ICs have evolved into an innovative solution for many design and integration situations, but they present unique verification obstacles that challenge electronic design automation (EDA) tools originally designed for 2D ICs. Automated solutions are needed not only to reduce verification cycles but also to improve the quality and reliability of package designs.

Automated verification of 2.5/3D IC latch-up prevention

With the Calibre PERC reliability platform, an automated 2.5/3D IC latch-up prevention verification methodology is available that addresses the multiple challenges inherent in advanced latch-up protection for multi-die packages. A topology-aware flow applies external latch-up design rules, while a voltage-aware flow applies mixed-voltage latch-up design rules across all levels of a 2.5/3D IC layout. These flows are based on automated identification of external IOs at the assembly level, without the use of any manual layout markers on the die level. Implementing an automated latch-up protection verification solution for 2.5/3D IC designs ensures accurate and consistent latch-up protection, improving the reliability and product life of these products.