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Improve the quality of harness manufacturing documentation

The quality of manufacturing documentation is vital to minimizing errors in builds. Manual creation of these documents can be time-intensive and prone to error. By creating manufacturing documentation directly from engineered harness data and the defined assembly process sequence, harness engineers can create custom templates based on company standards to allow for consistent appearance and re-use of best practices.

Capital Workbooks is a powerful rules-driven software application that automatically creates instructions/visual aids for wire harness assembly operators. This helps improve ramp-up efficiency in addition to reducing engineering efforts and the time needed to create documentation.

Capital workbooks allows you to:

  • Reduce the time needed to create work instructions

  • Automate the generation of shop floor work instructions based on the digital product twin of the wire harness, including tasks to build the harness and structured BOM

  • Accurately represent all manufacturing content: twisted pairs, multicore cables, CAN networks, splice daisy chains and more

  • Generate workbooks as PDF, HTML, or configure to feed the display via smart glasses

Watch this short video to see more about the benefits of Capital adoption.