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Create an optimal wire harness formboard design with Capital

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes
Maintaining merged or combined formboards is crucial for efficient production lines and factory space usage in wire harness manufacturing. Formboard designers need to be able to create optimized layouts that reduce time and effort related to each component as it is placed in a particular zone on the board. In this video, discover Siemens Capital solutions for formboard design and optimization — Watch now!

Utilize a comprehensive digital twin in harness design

A formboard diagram views the wire harness design data as a digital twin, a virtual representation of a physical product or process to understand and predict real-life performance characteristics. Siemens Capital solutions enable formboard designers to store a digital twin of harness design data. It can also augment formboard diagrams using zonal, fixture, and drill point information to create layouts without costly physical prototypes.

Use Capital to create the optimum formboard layout

Siemens Capital solutions guide formboard designers to create an optimized, ergonomic layout based on dynamic feedback of labor effort/times related to each component as it is placed in a particular zone on the board, as well as:

  • Create a full-scale view of the existing design data in a formboard diagram using Capital Modular XC

  • Adjust the formboard for best ergonomic layout using live metrics and analysis

  • Easily manipulate bundles to fit the harness to the board, honoring minimum bend radius and other constraints

  • Automatically place fixtures in the correct location using automatic rules and constraints

  • Merge or combine multiple formboards to maximize manufacturing efficiency

Watch the video to learn more about how Siemens Capital solutions provide the functionality to replace sub-optimal formboards to help increase efficiency and productivity in wire harness manufacturing.