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Digital lifecycle excellence for energy and utilities - An introduction

The pursuit of digital excellence across the lifecycle of assets and operations turns complexity into a competitive advantage. Tomorrow’s leaders in the energy, utility, and process industries will be those who can apply that edge to where their businesses need to accelerate the most.

Digital transformation in energy industry

The transition to a sustainable energy industry means producers and their entire supply chain must optimize financial and operational performance to remain viable over the long term. An enterprise data strategy establishing digital lifecycle excellence will build the foundation for remarkable new insights. Knowledge workers will apply them to transform and innovate digitally, creating new growth and efficiency opportunities for future industry leadership.

Connect capital projects to operational performance

Aligning the priorities of capital projects (CAPEX) with operational performance (OPEX) has been a major challenge in energy and utilities. With studies showing that inadequate digital alignment can cost between two and six percent of asset value on an ongoing basis, the business case for adopting a holistic digital lifecycle approach that better-positions operations for success exists.

Enterprise data

A digital lifecycle excellence approach connects valuable enterprise data that is often locked within your "system of systems," creating a more comprehensive digital twin of the business. Applying this to support systems engineering or requirements and verification management methodologies improves the internal data quality and process efficiencies across the enterprise.