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Teamcenter’s classification software provides in-depth product knowledge for product and process reiteration

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes
Why undertake an expensive and time-consuming product redesign when you can reuse data from previous designs to reduce product development costs and improve time to market?

Companies can store and manage previously developed product definition data in digital libraries thanks to Teamcenter software's classification and re-use features. Design engineers can apply previous product knowledge to new product initiatives or continuous improvement efforts, evaluating design alternatives prior to production for improved component and supplier management.

Benefit from previously created design data definitions and associated data using Teamcenter’s classification tool

Classification in Teamcenter allows you to manage previously designed, validated, and approved product and tooling data, find and reuse this data quickly for your designs, and ultimately improve time to market and reduce product development costs.

Teamcenter classification:

  • locates the marketable innovations that exists within a product design

  • incorporates supplier product definitions into the design environment

  • promotes standardized design that reduces inventory

  • helps save wasted time by providing a centralized point of reference 

Watch the video to learn more about Teamcenter’s classification library.