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Soft-check debugging

Estimated Watching Time: 14 minutes
In this video presentation, Terry Meeks, Director of Product Engineering at Siemens EDA, delves into the intricacies of soft-check detection and debugging in semiconductor design. Beginning with an explanation of soft-checks and their significance in ensuring strong connections between power and ground layers, Meeks explores the techniques employed by physical verification tools to achieve this. He discusses the concept of soft connections or one-way connections, highlighting their role in identifying conflicts and multiple connections attempting to stamp onto lower well layers. Meeks then delves into diagnosing soft-check errors, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between upper layer and lower layer issues. Using real-world examples, he demonstrates how to efficiently identify and resolve soft-check conflicts, offering practical suggestions and methodologies for effective debugging. By maintaining a consistent approach and leveraging Calibre tools, engineers can streamline the debugging process and ensure robust design integrity. Meeks concludes by encouraging engineers to adopt efficient methodologies tailored to their needs while leveraging the capabilities of Siemens design tools.