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Production optimization STiMA case study

Estimated Watching Time: 3 minutes

STiMA, a small industrial machinery company founded in 1996, builds mechatronic cells with robotics for manufacturing and process automation.

From planning and development to manufacturing and commissioning, STiMA helps its customers using an integrated approach to machine design.

Watch this STiMA customer story video and see how they use Siemens solutions to optimize production processes and stay ahead of the competition.

Optimization of manufacturing processes

STiMA uses an integrated approach to machine design for every one of their mechatronics cells.

To maintain profitability, they need to accomplish more with the same number of employees.

Using the right software solutions accelerates their design phase and optimizes manufacturing processes.

This STiMA case study video shows how it all comes together.

How to optimize production process

The type of machines and equipment STiMA builds requires a close collaboration of mechanical, electronic, and automation technologies.

The integrated Advanced Machine Engineering solution optimizes production processes and accelerates the engineering process with reuse capabilities and the digital twin.

Watch the video and see how digitalization has propelled this small industrial machinery company forward and prepared them for the future.

Improving production and operations with Advanced Machine Engineering

Machine builders and equipment manufacturers like STiMA must quickly react to different and complex customer requirements.

To do this efficiently, STiMA turns to digitalization tools for better collaboration on the range of projects they’re working on at any given time.

The advanced machine engineering solution from Siemens helps them improve production and operations to remain competitive.