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Electromechanical Design

Electronics are revolutionizing in almost every market and are appearing in everyday products that previously had no electronic products and had always been electrical, but now are becoming electronic, smart, and connected. The growth in the electronics industry is driving established companies to restructure existing products and create new technology-enabled offerings; while fueling new companies' emergence with trend-setting innovational products. Having an integrated, collaborative electromechanical design is one of many ways Siemens Digital Industries software helps you break down the barriers to innovation.

An electromechanical design solution

The electrical and electronic content in electronic devices becomes increasingly more complex. This creates new packaging challenges from things like batteries, wiring, and sensors. Disjointed mechanical and electrical design systems create issues with lost information, limited traceability and visibility of the impact of changes. NX removes the barriers to electro-mechanical design, delivering a holistic design approach which integrates the mechanical and electronic disciplines and enables designers to respond to changing demands quickly and easily, increasing confidence in product performance.

The pace of electronics innovation