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Control and precision for medical device manufacturing


Today’s medical device manufactures are facing many difficult challenges. They are being asked to produce increasingly complicated products quicker and at a lower cost. With the introduction of new products there is pressure to accelerate regulatory clearance, meet demanding customer expectations and react to changing markets, population demographics, and global diseases. Therefore, control and precision for medical device manufacturing are important for success.

Manual and document-based approaches

Old manual and document-based approaches produce inefficiencies and lead to costly manufacturing errors. These errors bring a number of non-compliance and recall risks which are no longer adequate for today’s high-tech and ultra-competitive market. Enterprises need to rethink their business models in order to keep pace.

Complete traceability

Medical device manufacturers need digital solutions that offer them the same control and precision over their own manufacturing processes as the devices that they themselves are producing are designed to deliver. Full digitalization is the only solution to ensure that the manufacturing process uses the data collected to drive value chain connectivity. And, ensure compliance with the regulatory framework and complete traceability of every part.

Operational excellence for medical devices is a digital solution that gives your enterprise the precision it needs to compete in today’s market. A digital thread approach provides complete visibility at all times and allows for the products produced to be done so exactly according to spec. Features such as Siemens Opcenter eliminate paper, thus, reduces the potential for costly errors. In addition, leverage IoT across the entire value chain enabling you to make faster, better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Operational excellence for medical devices

Digitalization is changing the way medical devices are designed, produced, and delivered, it is changing business models themselves if you want to keep pace with these changes and operate your business with digital precision then Operational excellence for medical devices can help, find out more in our video.