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Address the challenges of wire harness design with Capital

Estimated Watching Time: 3 minutes

Siemens Capital provides a powerful graphical harness design environment. Wire harness design engineers can effectively capture and describe design intent to create fully detailed and validated harness designs and define rules and constraints to facilitate comprehensive design automation rapidly and accurately.

Capital provides a connected solution with significant benefits:

  • 50% design error reduction

  • 30% quote to production cycle time reduction

  • 85% formboard design time reduction

Learn more about how Siemens Capital addresses the challenges of wire harness design in this three-minute video.

Enhance wire harness manufacturing efficiency

Wire harness manufacturers must ensure that harnesses can be manufactured at a competitive and well-understood cost. Capital is a purpose-built solution that truly automates the costing regime, providing a formal framework and process for rapidly generating accurate material and efficient labor costing.

Achieve an earlier and error-free product launch with Siemens Capital

With Siemens’ Capital, profitability is increased, enabled by shortened product introduction times, a gain in competitive advantage, and an increase in manufacturing efficiency. On the product engineering side, Capital can optimize manufacturability and enhance efficiency. Design engineers can reuse data instead of redraft it, helping to achieve an earlier and error-free product launch.