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Integrated model-based systems solution makes the necessary connections for early error detection and resolution

With the integration of electrical, mechanical, and software systems that can contain a considerable number of components, thousands of ECUs, and an inordinate amount of code, complexity and errors are multiplied exponentially. The weakest links are found where the disciplines meet.

Address late discovery issues and reduce the risk of errors with an Integrated Model-based Systems solution that handles the product development complexity. Watch this video to see how MBSE enables companies to deliver today's and tomorrow's products with confidence.

A scalable solution that fills the rift between V-model product development: design and testing

An integrated model-based systems solution:

  • Integrates the multiple domains involved in product development

  • Establishes the necessary links between design and testing, from beginning to end

  • Identifies product defects sooner in the process, resulting in less expensive repairs

Watch the video to learn more.