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Industrial Machine Design and Cloud Computing

Embrace the complexity of modern industrial machine design and begin innovating with the right cloud-based CAD software.

Watch the video to learn how NX and Siemens Xcelerator Share are changing how machine builders are designing the next generation of machines.

Cloud computing in the manufacturing industry is making it easier and more affordable for multi-domain collaboration, flexible machine designs, and project data management.

NX and Siemens Xcelerator Help Create Flexible Machine Designs

Developing innovative, flexible machine designs is a team effort.

Leading machine manufacturers know this, and they design better products with more collaboration among mechanical, electrical, automation, and software engineers.

Cloud-based NX and Siemens Xcelerator Share enable better design collaboration by providing a common, secure repository for design data that’s accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Watch the video and find out how it works.

Project and Data Management with Industrial Machine Cloud Software

Simplify collaboration with better project and data management software delivered via the cloud.

When designers, engineers, developers, partners, and customers can easily access the information they need, organizations get to market faster.

Watch the video to learn more about industrial machine cloud software NX and Siemens Xcelerator Share.