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Integrated requirements management for energy and utilities - An introduction

Estimated Watching Time: 10 minutes


A key advantage of adopting a digital lifecycle excellence approach to managing your plant, project, or asset technical information is the ability to use integrated requirements management. Doing so will improve your process efficiency and data quality in critical areas such as bid & tender, contracts, and specifications management.

Project requirements software

Digitally track requirements to ensure each is completed in a timely manner as part of the project scope and schedule. Also, verify that they are completed to the stated quality specifications.

Centralized enterprise collaboration platform

Record all information representing the complete delivery of each requirement using a fully integrated digital lifecycle platform. Connect all projects and stakeholders using an integrated requirements management approach.

Traceability on cloud ready platform

Provide teams with immediate access to complete, correct and consistent information on the current status of all project requirements. This deep level of traceability is applicable to any data or document type across the project.