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Next generation vehicle electrification with E/E Systems Development

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes
Vehicle electrification is transforming the future of the automotive industry to be more intelligent and much more integrated. Discover Electrical and Electronic (E/E) Systems Development for next generation vehicle electrification— Watch the video now!

Combat challenges in EV development with a Vehicle Electrification solution

Electronics, hardware and network communications, software applications, and electrical systems converge into an integrated E/E system that controls many vehicle functions. If automotive manufacturers get this E/E architecture right, they will gain a competitive advantage to deliver vehicle electrification features and performance faster.

Manage vehicle development programs through an integrated approach

Our E/E Systems Development solution enables automakers to simplify design, optimize safety and security in multi-voltage systems, and enhance complex electrical/electronic content components and functionality. It also provides digital tools to maximize comfort, connectivity, and range while improving overall vehicle control and drivability.

Drive optimized E/E architectures with vehicle electrification

Automotive manufacturers can enjoy the tools and the knowledge of the industry leaders to empower the next generation of electrified vehicles. Outperform the competition and drive vehicle electrification for a better future with our E/E Systems Development solution— Watch the video to learn more!