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Easy Plan manages and enhances your operational plans and data with a task-oriented, web-based solution

Estimated Watching Time: 1 minutes

The current global manufacturing environment is characterized by shifting market trends, increased supply-chain demands, increased production innovation, and a shift toward sustainable development. The level of operations management required to meet these demands necessitates the use of an award-winning, best-in-class planning solution to help increase operational efficiency and get innovative quality products to market faster while reducing costs.

Easy Plan assists you in increasing operational efficiency, reducing shop floor errors, and increasing overall engineering productivity. Easy Plan, built on the best-in-class Teamcenter software product lifecycle management (PLM) backbone, allows you to leverage existing product and process information, as well as share cross-departmental workflows, to optimize your manufacturing bill-of-materials (BOM) and process plan, capture shop floor feedback, and manage changes effectively.

Avoid costly production delays and customer disappointments caused by design flaws and manufacturing errors.

Easy Plan simplifies and coordinates the planning process by digitalizing all aspects of product development and manufacture. An in-depth analysis of benefits and features include:

  • EBOM and MBOM accountability, reconciliation and visualization

  • Configuration using variants and effectivity

  • Line balancing and operation time analysis

  • Cycle time and production rate estimation

  • Textual work instructions and visual aids with markups

  • Issue reporting and guided change management

Watch the video to learn more about Easy Plan, and how it can help you manage and optimize your manufacturing process plans and data with a task-oriented and easy-to-use web solution.