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Drive vehicle electrification with e-Powertrain development

Estimated Watching Time: 1 minutes

E-Powertrain engineering is at the heart of vehicle electrification. In this brief video, find out how automotive manufacturers can deliver the reliable electric vehicles (EVs) consumers demand with Siemens Vehicle Electrification solution for e-Powertrain development.

Leverage a comprehensive digital twin for early insights in vehicle electrification

Siemens Vehicle Electrification solution for e-Powertrain development allows automotive OEMs to develop EVs faster and more efficiently. It provides automotive manufacturers with a comprehensive digital twin to enable vehicle integration and virtually explores and assesses overall vehicle performance to meet safety, aging, and range expectations.

Use system level simulation to achieve higher levels of quality

Use system-level simulation to achieve higher quality, safety, and reliability levels. Analyze the impact of electronics topology on vehicle performance, including electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues, and support integrated innovation for performance-optimized driving comfort, range, and increased vehicle lifetime.