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Unlocking the power of the digital twin in healthcare

Estimated Watching Time: 6 minutes
At the start of the pandemic, doctors and hospitals had to put two patients on a single ventilator without knowing if it would be safe or effective. Imagine if the company that designed the ventilator first did so with a digital twin. That would have enabled them to quickly change the operating conditions to a two-patient operator and guide hospitals about how to safely administer to two patients with just a single medical device. MxD, Siemens Technology, and Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services teamed up to explore ways to help.

Applications of the digital twin

The teams used the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio to design, analyze and verify a disposable assembly that could be additively manufactured and securely connects two patients to one ventilator. They then developed a lungs in the loop system, combining a simulation model with a physical test bed to demonstrate how IoT-enabled connected care and an executable digital twin (xDT) could be used to monitor the system status and provide real-time insights for control.

Watch the video to learn how companies using digital twins can persevere during unprecedented times.