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Reduce PCB manufacturing process preparation costs and lead time with automation

Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer Phuntronix specializes in component assembly and realized they were losing time with manual layout. Complex PCB designs that involved SMT and THT components included manual and machine assembly, resulting in long set-up times and duplicate data flows.

See how Phuntronix optimized their entire production process in this short video.

Replace manual, error-prone and time-consuming production processes with digitalization

By replacing manual, error-prone processes with Valor Process Preparation, Phuntronix was able to:

  • Speed new product introduction with fewer errors

  • Increase first time right production

  • Eliminate software down time

  • Reduce changeover time by an average of 25 percent

  • Decrease lead time by an average of 30 percent

Learn more about Phuntronix’s success with a fully automated production line in the customer story.