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Cost Engineering with Teamcenter Product Cost Management

The aim of manufacturing companies is to develop customer-oriented products and at the same time to guarantee value-based cost management.

Teamcenter Product Cost Management supports cross-functional and cross-organizational product and tool cost calculations based on a bottom-up method delivering cost transparency for cost optimization and value creation.

The three-minute video provides insight on how our solution supports you in:

  • Determining the manufacturing costs for a new product early in the development phase
  • Cost simulations which support you in identifying improvements in product design and manufacturing leading to cost saving of up to 25 percent
  • Receiving transparency on suppliers' manufacturing processes and costs
  • Fact-based negotiations with suppliers to achieve a cost reduction of 5 to 16 percent
  • Shortening time to prepare an offer by up to 80 percent
  • Securing product investments by predicting future unit costs and prices over the entire product lifecycle