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Cloud based DLM for fashion and retail from concept-to-commerce

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes
Mendix Digital Lifecycle Management (DLM) for Fashion and Retail modernizes your concept-to-commerce processes for apparel, accessories, and footwear. Starting digital and staying digital is required to exceed customer expectations around accessibility and sustainability, as well as accomplishing business goals of maintaining margins and increasing speed to market.

The future of fashion and retail is now

Digital Lifecycle Management (DLM) can revolutionize the way your emerging fashion and retail brand introduces products to the market. Mendix DLM offers a visually engaging solution that uses a digital twin and True 3D integration to speed up your development process from concept to commerce, making it easier to overcome challenges related to operations, engagement, business processes, and innovation. Optimize your Product Lifecycle Management in fashion with our DLM solution for Retail, Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

  • Shorter time to market

  • Collaborate throughout the product lifecycle

  • Drastically Reduce Physical Sampling

  • Powered by cloud native, low-code technology

  • Scale quickly and reliably

Watch the video to learn more.