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Calibre nmMPC Introduction

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes
Calibre nmMPC has consistently led the industry in mask modeling, offering top-tier MPC models and recipes. We have now achieved even better quality by integrating electron beam mask (EBM) writer corrections. Previously, mask corrections from Calibre nmMPC and the EBM writer (like forward error correction) were applied independently, resulting in residual mask errors that neither Calibre nmMPC nor mask shops could consistently rectify.

By incorporating EBM writer corrections into Calibre nmMPC, the mask model utilizes precise exposure doses at every mask location, effectively eliminating errors that traditional MPC flows couldn't resolve. This integration significantly enhances accuracy.

This synergistic approach to mask modeling sets a new standard in the mask industry for both mask models and MPC accuracy. Calibre nmMPC continues to lead the way, establishing a new benchmark in accuracy and reliability.