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Coordinating the delivery and monitoring of automotive embedded software

Estimated Watching Time: 2 minutes

Orchestrating Automotive Embedded Software Application Delivery and Monitoring

Automotive application development is a multifaceted and challenging process from the initial definitions and planning stage right up to the final hurdle of delivering quality applications, in the right configuration, to the correct vehicle. This feat requires the collaboration of many cross-domain teams and stakeholders. A unified platform for automotive embedded software development and orchestration facilitates collaboration and visibility across disparate domains, including software, hardware, and systems engineering. Such a platform also enables companies to reuse proven software components to accelerate the development of new and varied applications.

Application delivery and monitoring processes supply the final automotive embedded software to the vehicle structure and maintain them after delivery (figure 1). Common issues and pain-points that arise during this phase of development include:

  • Last-minute changes. Maintaining control over these changes, with a complete record of the need for the change, is critical and often ignored.
  • Cross-domain changes. Last-minute changes are not just a software issue; electrical systems, mechanical systems, and others frequently encounter design changes even after all the reviews and signoffs are complete.
  • Application configuration management. Vehicle platforms spawn dozens of discreet vehicle variants with a mix of shared and unique features, components, and embedded hardware. The software domain has to configure builds to match each of these variants.

In this video, you will see POLARION orchestrating all software engineering needs with built-in collaboration agility, traceability, interoperability, compliance, and reuse capabilities in a highly integrated and open development ecosystem.

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