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Aprisa for TSMC advanced nodes

Aprisa is a cutting-edge place and route solution with an architecture specifically designed to address all the challenges at advanced technology nodes. That is why we have worked very closely with TSMC on advanced node certification since 2009. Aprisa was first certified by TSMC for their 40 nm technology was recently certified by TSMC for both N5 and N4.

Customers who plan to design at TSMC’s most advanced nodes can leverage the unique technologies offered by Aprisa, ensuring smooth and successful design projects for all kinds of applications.

This presentation explores the history of the Siemens/TSMC collaboration and introduces the unique Aprisa place-and-route technologies for advanced-node SoC designs.

TSMC – Siemens Collaboration for Customer Success

Presented at the 2022 TSMC Symposium, Inki Hong, Ph.D. general manager of the Siemen's Aprisa place and route group, details the long history of collaboration with TSMC.

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