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Accelerating design time to market: Leveraging innovations with Calibre nmDRC on AMD 3rd-gen EPYC in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Estimated Watching Time: 16 minutes
As Moore’s Law progresses, computation is growing exponentially node over node. This explosion in compute has made it increasingly difficult to access sufficient on premise resources to help you achieve the fast turnaround times you need to intercept the market window for your next design. Combining the Azure cloud with the latest 3rd Gen AMD EPYC servers and the speed and scalability of the Calibre nmPlatform provide the solutions you need. Leveraging the cloud, with its nearly infinite resource pool of the latest technology from AMD, and the proven quality of the Calibre nmPlatform, you can not only access the hardware resources needed to maintain your current turnaround times—you may even achieve more design iterations per day, shortening your time to tapeout. In this video, you’ll learn how you and your company can take full advantage of the cloud to effectively manage your growing EDA workloads.