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Accelerated product development through product definition

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Defining the correct requirements is a vital first step for a successful launch. However, many OEMs are struggling in today’s automotive industry, hindered by multiple data sources, leaving teams endlessly chasing the most up-to-date version. Any mistake made leads to costly rework and frequent delays. In a fast-paced, highly competitive industry, this is not sustainable. A new solution is needed to adapt to increasing customer demands and product complexity.

Watch our animated video to discover how Siemens’ Accelerated Product Development can help you overcome issues with product definition through a digital thread that guarantees traceability.

Manage vehicle manufacturing complexity with product definition

As competition in the automotive industry intensifies, automakers are looking for ways to ensure they stand out from their competitors. To do that, they must innovate, but keeping up with vehicle automation and electrification industry trends has massively increased product complexity. At the same time, customer demand for more personalized and sustainable vehicles means that companies must change their business models and adapt or risk losing market share.

A solution is needed to drive faster and more cost-effective innovation by offering next-generation design and development to build the next generation of vehicles.

Use accelerated product development to advance innovation

Traditional product development makes fast-paced innovation almost unattainable. Many manufacturers still rely on different design, testing, and manufacturing tools. Documentation remains in silos, complicating managing performance targets and requirements. And too often, communication is slow and unreliable. With multiple data sources, it can be challenging to know if teams are working with the most recent and relevant information. It is virtually impossible to achieve the design optimization that will drive more innovative product solutions with little to no traceability.

So, is it possible to improve the product definition phase, to create a comprehensive data trail that streamlines communication and collaboration so that you really can do more with less?

Implement an integrated data management system to break down silos

Siemens’ Accelerated Product Development is an open engineering platform, a state-of-the-art end-to-end data management system. Its digital thread offers a single source of truth for all stakeholders, seamlessly linking the entire product ecosystem in real-time to ensure everyone is sharing and working with the latest data and providing complete traceability. Improve the product definition phase by ensuring the right tests are carried out, the right parts are used, and the right requirements are followed.

Watch our short, animated video to get an overview of just how Siemens APD can help you improve product definition to enable you to unleash the next generation of vehicles and stay ahead of the competition.