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technology overview

Tour Xpedition Enterprise in seven minutes

Estimated Watching Time: 8 minutes
In this video, you will learn about how Xpedition Enterprise works in seven short minutes. Xpedition Enterprise is the industry’s most innovative PCB design collaboration platform, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution.

Areas discussed in this video:

  • System partitioning

  • System connectivity

  • Multi-board System

  • Schematic design

  • Schematic Integrity

  • Analog Simulation

  • Library

  • PCB Routing

  • Team design

  • 3D PCB Design

  • 3D Rigid-Flex

  • Substrate Cavities

  • ECAD-MCAD Co-design

  • Signal Integrity

  • Power Integrity

  • Design Rule Checking

  • Electromagnetic Field Solver

  • Thermal Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

  • EDM- Data Management

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